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Ellen, you’re really something.

March 10, 2010

So I don’t really watch Ellen (except the shows when she talked about the wedding, and you couldn’t keep me away).

Buuut I think she’s adorable and wonderful (who doesn’t, really) and I taped it the other day. Tara passed out after demanding (sweetly) that we put on Star Trek, so I was absently watching it and it just occurred to me that the whole Ellen phenomenon is so strange to me. I mean, here’s this big ol’ queermo with a massive straight girl following. MASSIVE.

And, it’s not that she gay and I don’t think straight folks would like her because of that. It’s this intense adoration she provokes, and it’s the fact that all those straight hotties in the audience (and on stage) dance all up on her! It’s all the soccer moms talking about how they’d “go gay” for her.

All those old white women living in the midwest who love her, they can’t all be liberals, it just can’t be. Do they make the connection in their heads? Does she help erase that image of mullet wearing, home depot going, braless lady lovers that flashes in their minds when they hear the word lesbian? I think she embodies such a rare kind of queer representation. She’s the closest we have to the harmless gay boyfriend who goes shopping with you.

I have this whole post waiting in my draft folders about queer representation in pop culture, and it’s implications personally and politically. But finding pictures of hot celebrity lesbian couples seemed to be so much more fun tonight.

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